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Find your new favorite cookie! From ultra indulgent peanut butter cups and fudge to nostalgic pastry Pop-Tarts® and Dunkaroos®, we’ve got a scratch-made cookie that fulfills every craving.

Can’t have wheat? Explore our deliciously decadent handmade gluten-free cookies. In need of extra protein? We’ve got that covered too! Take a bite of our game-changing soft baked protein cookies, featuring a boost of collagen.

At American Dream Cookie Company, our high protein, low carb American Dream Nut Butter gourmet almond, cashew and peanut butters are at the core of every one-of-a-kind recipe. Browse our menu of Indulgent, Protein and Gluten-Free cookie options; no matter your diet, lifestyle or preference, we truly have a cookie for everyone!

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