One Big American Dream

It all started with one big American Dream, a husband and wife, their four spunky kids and the passion to change the taste and composition of beloved junk food treats. American Dream Cookie Company was founded by Lea and Mark Hurley who believe in the power of small batch, handcrafted quality, and making everything with love.

Where it All Began: Gourmet Nut Butter

"There would be no cookies, if at first there wasn’t nut butter!"

Lea started making her own nut butters after developing a number of food intolerances that prevented the enjoyment of some of her favorite junk food. Setting up shop in her own kitchen, Lea’s creative genius was unleashed as she discovered how to develop nut butters that taste like dessert, yet still remained healthy! Each handcrafted jar of gourmet nut butter is low carb, low sugar and features a boost of grassfed, lactose-free whey protein (with vegan options too!). She kept this recipe to herself for years, until Mark finally convinced her to bring butters to a local bodybuilding competition nearly five years ago. It was a huge hit and with that, American Dream Nut Butter was born! What makes American Dream Nut Butter different? We like to let the quality speak for itself! Lea personally sources every ingredient, from premium farms to best in class manufacturers. Each jar of nut butter is also handcrafted in small batches, to order. No sitting on a store shelf or in a remote fulfillment center. The hands that make your jar also package and ship it, truly a family affair! Even better, each jar also gives back! The Hurleys donate 10% of all American Dream Nut Butter proceeds to sending care packages to our troops overseas.


Taking a Bite Out of Indulgence

After developing the perfect nut butter recipe and expanding the American Dream Nut Butter collection to include almond, cashew and peanut butter blends, Lea set her sights on transforming the world of gourmet cookies. Bringing the ultimate creaminess and chew factor, featuring American Dream Nut Butter has forever changed the cookie dough game. As a result, each of our signature cookies is ridiculously thick giving you all the ooey gooey decadence you’re looking for within every bite. From ultra indulgent peanut butter cups and fudge to nostalgic pastry poptarts and Dunkaroos, we have a cookie that fulfills every craving. And whether you’re in need of a sweet tooth fix or a macro-cap, our gluten-free and protein cookie options offer a treat that can fit into any diet, lifestyle or preference. Our one-of-a-kind dough is enhanced with just the right amount of premium mix-ins – think rich buttercream, marshmallows, crunchy sweet creme sandwich cookies, milk chocolate chips and more. Made from scratch, in small batches, upon order…that’s our motto. American Dream Cookies are sure to bring smiles to any celebration and also come in handy when in need of: a unique handmade gift, indulgent post-show treat or a simple sweet escape after a hectic day. Offering a soft baked, gooey core, American Dream Cookies are best if enjoyed immediately or warmed gently in the microwave. Saving for a special occasion? Pop your packaged cookies into the freezer and defrost in the fridge overnight for an anytime luxury.

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100% From Scratch.

Your cookies are baked after you place your order. never before. Guaranteed!

Insanely Thick, Epically Chewy.

These aren't itty bitty cookies. Our cookies are very thick and full of flavor. 

Gluten-Free & Protein Options Too!

Cookies don't have to throw off your diet goals! We offer many high protein options and gluten-free options as well!